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Tax Planning
and Preparation

Corporate Tax

Working in conjunction with clients – we ensure the day to day operations and activities are organised in a tax efficient manner. Our expertise and experience in all areas of corporation tax with specific strengths in advising on the most intricate areas of tax legislation and practice – as it applies to the clients specific business

Effective corporate tax planning is complex and wide ranging. Our advice covers areas which include appropriate business structure, most efficient extraction of profits, most up to information on EU and Irish Taxation law and court rulings as well as changes in Revenue Practices and procedures

Income Tax

Albert O'Connor & Co. will help clients organise their affairs in the most tax efficient manner. We pride ourselves on providing timely and relevant advice in all areas of income tax.

Income tax planning is about providing effective feedback to clients and to do so we make it our business to understand their particular circumstances and requirements. It also involves prioritising objectives and devising suitable and workable tax-based solutions to meet this goal.


Albert O'Connor and Co. work with clients to ensure they fully understand and put in place practise to ensure tax compliance. Self –assessment tax puts a great deal of burden on the taxpayer to ensure their affairs are in order. We work with clients in ensuring that tax payments are made and tax returns are filed within the statutory time limits. We can assist client in ensuring the imposition of needless interest costs and late filing surcharges do not arise. We advise on optimum, timely tax payments and assist in the preparation and submission of tax returns.

Tax Registration

We arrange for your company to be registered for corporation tax, PMOD and VAT. We prepare all forms and liaise with the Revenue on your behalf.

Revenue Audits

Our long term experience and expertise of helping clients through Revenue Audits will give comfort to anyone facing a Revenue Audit.

The growth in expertise and electronic sharing of data has resulted in Revenue growing significantly the number of Revenue Audits. These audits are now widespread for income tax, corporation tax, VAT and RCT.

In addition, the powers of the Revenue Commissioners have expanded significantly and have become more onerous and complex. Penalties for non-compliance and the tax code also have increased substantially.

Albert O'Connor & Co.'s services include pre audit checks, liaising with you and the Revenue Auditor and negotiating settlements, where necessary.

Got a Query?

If you have any tax related query, please do contact us. If costs are likely to be incurred, you will be advised beforehand and no costs will be incurred without your authorisation.

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