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Managing employee performance in your company.

It’s not a leap to suggest that your employees are the lifeblood of your business. The Albert O’Connor & Co Accountants team recognizes that your employees must be able to perform efficiently, with the correct levels of engagement, motivation, and attention. If staff begin to underperform on a regular basis, productivity will suffer, therefore it’s critical that you find solutions quickly and effectively.

It’s never easy to tell a valued employee that they aren’t hitting their performance goals. A quick and proactive response, on the other hand, may help your business and morale.

When a member of staff’s poor performance is holding them back, it’s critical to focus on the solution rather than the problem. In today’s business, there are several techniques to measure employee performance. The idea is to concentrate on solving the problem rather than obsessing about the numbers. Here are some tips from Albert O’Connor & Co Accountants to help you get the most out of your staff.

To deal effectively with poor performance:

  • Set clear expectations of performance – It’s critical to have agreed-upon goals and targets for each function in the team if your staff are going to execute to your expectations. A precise job description, which details responsibilities, the scope of the work, and what is anticipated in terms of performance, aids in the clarification of expectations on both sides.
  • Tackle performance issues early – Deal with a performance issue as soon as you notice it. Discuss the situation with the employee in issue and offer them an opportunity to reply. It’s possible that a simple talk will be enough to get them to change or enhance their working habits and return to an acceptable level of performance.
  • Track and record employee performance – Keeping track of each employee’s performance over time is a good idea. This may be as easy as keeping track of monthly activities in a spreadsheet, or you could invest in a software team performance solution to be much more detailed. With this information, you may discuss specific examples of performance difficulties and assist staff in tracking any changes.
  • Understand employees’ rights and your obligations – It’s vital that you have a firm grasp of employment law and how it affects your employees’ rights (and your requirements as an employer). The sweet spot is ensuring you’re following your compliance requirements while still being fair, honest, and upfront about what each team member is required to do.

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